Our Goal

Reduce Digital Identity Risks, Improve Access Management and Ensure Compliance


Identity and access management is wide in scope and distributed within organizations


Organization must be aware of emerging
IAM threats and risks


Managing identity risks holistically is a necessity for many organizations

Areas of Expertise

IdentityMate is a creative identity risk consulting and advisory company which provides
professional services to companies in the following areas

Litigation Support

It’s a highly sought after service due to the rising privacy and data breach related lawsuits

Risk Management and Audit

IdentityMate has many years of audit and risk management experience

Regulatory Compliance

We have experience developing and implementing compliance programs for companies

Governance and Advisory

We offer identity governance and risk advisory to executive management and Boards

Product Solutions

We provide IAM product design and improvement services

Digital Identity Transformation

We help organization transform their identity and access management capabilities

We are the best Identity Risk Consulting and Advisory Company

To be the global leader and provider of complete and integrated identity management solutions


IdentityMate solutions and strategies utilize targeted approach for maximum reduction of identity and access management risks in the most efficient and effective manner. We value integrity, respect, creativity, and simplicity.

We advise and support major organizations with their IAM initiatives and help industry leaders improve their product or service offerings. We support Identity Management Institute with market research, industry analysis, risk management content, as well as logo, brand, and program design and development.

Identity Management Risk Consulting