Digital Identity Transformation

Digital Identity TransformationManaging identity and access risks is a priority for many organizations to mitigate system and data security breach incidents, minimize losses, comply with regulatory requirements, and abide by contractual agreements with customers and other third parties. Because these risks affect a large number of groups, systems, data, and users, organizations are advised to address their IAM risks holistically through a Digital Identity Transformation (DIT) and ensure identity and access risks are managed consistently and efficiently.

Identity Management Institute has introduced and defined the term Digital Identity Transformation (DIT) as the “holistic assessment and improvement of business processes, people, and technologies to achieve excellence in identity and access management, system security, data privacy, and regulatory compliance. DIT is achieved with a combination of policies, process re-engineering, organizational changes, awareness and training, improvement of system capabilities, as well as continuous monitoring and adjustment.

We help organizations undergo a Digital Identity Transformation with assessment, planning, and improvement recommendations based on guidelines provided by Identity Management Institute.

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