Identity Management Scope


Identity management scope is wide and represents a critical function within an organization and thus is a distributed process. In particular, sound identity management practices are even more important in industries where:

1) consumer personal information is collected as part of the business process and must be protected,

2) employee and third party identities and access must be managed,

3) customer identities must be validated to complete transactions, and

4) companies must comply with various identity theft related regulations such as the Federal Red Flags Rule.

As such, integrated identity management practices must be established across the enterprise for a full cycle identity management.

According to Identity Management Institute “Distributed identity management practices throughout an organization strive to ensure that an identity is complete, accurate, valid, approved, readily identified, secured, granted proper logical and physical access, monitored through its lifecycle, and deactivated upon its useful life inside and outside of information systems as timely and necessary as possible.”